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Michael van Dijk(NL, 1999) started playing guitar at the age of nine. He took lessons from Mien de Rover in his first years of playing and was part of a mandolin-orchestra. Mien de Rover herself was a pupil of Julian Coco. At a young age Michael already dreamed of going to the conservatory and becoming a musician. While in his fourth year of secondary school, at the age of 16, he was admitted to the Young Musicians program at the conservatory of Tilburg; a place he has never left since. At the moment he is in his third year of his bachelor degree at the conservatory of Tilburg (AMPA), and is following contractlessons at the conservatory of Utrecht.
Michael followed lessons from (electric) guitarist and composer Aart Strootman (a.o. Gaudeamus winner), and from renowned classical-guitarists Marlon Titre, Goran Krivokapic and Gaëlle Solal. He is now studying for his bachelor degree at the conservatory of Tilburg (AMPA), and is following contractlessons at Utrecht conservatory. Michael has already followed various masterclasses, of which one was with maestro Leo Brouwer.
He participated several times in the Prinses Christina Concours, which did not go unnoticed. He made it to the finals in de Doelen Rotterdam, and won several encouragement prizes; amongst them is the “Gaudeamus Muziekweekprijs” for a unique interpretation of a modern piece.
As a soloist or as a chambermusic player he already played at various locations, such as De Doelen Rotterdam (Red Sofa Serie), concertzaal Tilburg, Willem-II concert- en popzaal, Nieuwe Kerk Den Haag (Festival Dag in de Branding), Klankenbos Neerpelt (BE, OORtreders festival), and at various locations during November Music.
The young musician is a member of three fixed ensembles: Collectief Publiek Geluid, INTEGRA and EKLEKT. Collectief Publiek Geluid (“Collective Public Space”) is a collective of young sound-artists that focusses on sound in the public space, INTEGRA is a cross-over duo(as an electric guitarist) together with Sonja Oberkofler (saxophone) and ensemble EKLEKT explores the narrative, expressive and sonic possibilities that the combination of flute and guitar have to offer.

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